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Routine Care and Vaccines for Kittens

Center Veterinary Clinic offers  discounted Kitten Packages that bundle exams, vaccines,  fecal analysis and the first dose of parasite control.    This information will be presented to you at your first visit. 

Visit #1 :  6-8 weeks of age

     1.  Physical Examination

     2.  Feline Leukemia/Blood Test

     3.  Micorscopic fecal analysis and deworming for round and hookworms.

     4.  1st Feline Distemper and  Respiratory Vaccine

     5.  First dose of intestinal parasite, flea and heartworm prevention.

Visit #2:  10-12 weeks of age

     1.  Physical Examination

     2.  1st Feline Leukemia Vaccine (especially outdoor cats)

     3.  2nd  Feline Distemper and  Respiratory Virus Vaccine

     4.   Microscopic fecal analysis and deworming for round and hookworms.

Visit #3:  14-16 weeks of age

     1.  Physical Examination

     2.  2nd Feline Leukemia Vaccine

     3.  3rd Feline Distemper and  Respiratory Virus Vacccine

     4.  Rabies Vaccine

     5.  Microscopic fecal analysis (if needed)  and deworming for round and hookworms.

     4.  6-12 months supply of intestinal parasite, heart worm and flea prevention

Visit #4:  16-20 weeks of age

      1.  Spay or Neuter Surgery

      2.  Microchip Implantation

Every Year

      1.  Physical Examination

      2.  Booster all vaccines

      3.  Fecal Parasite Examination (if an outdoor cat)

      4. Monthly intestinal parasite control (Advantage Multi) if outdoors

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Dr. Bigelow has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years.

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