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Pet of the Month

Each month a Pet of the Month is chosen and featured on our website and Facebook page and has a display board in our front lobby. If you are interested in having your pet participate, please click here for the simple application.

February 2018 Pet of the Month

Benji Tran

Benji's favorite toy is his squishy monkey chew toy! The weirdest thing about Benji is that he LOVES shoulder massages. He would get them all day if he could. Benji always sleeps on his back, kinda like a human. He absolutely loves food and will only sit for FOOD. He's a very smart and clever corgi.

January 2018 Pet of the Month

Raj Janakiraman

Raj loves when Mom makes Indian food. He's so lucky because sometimes he will sneak in a bite or two! Raj is also soooo smart. He can escape anything. There are doggy doors in the house but he always finds a way out. He's invincible! Raj adores anyone who will give him attention. Even the slightest attention, he will love you forever. You can't help but adore him back! Raj is still a puppy and loves to play but his favorite game of all time is Tug-of-War. He would play that game all day for the rest of his life!

November 2017 Pet of the Month

Zedd Newby

Zedd's nickname is Snoogie Oogies. He loves to spend his time chasing after crows, lizard and skunks. In fact, Zedd has been skunked 7 times! He was even sprayed twice in one night. Zedd likes to relax by lying on the floor with his paws and head hanging out the sliding glass door and the rest of his body indoors. Zedd's tricks are that he can sit and spin to move around and he makes food disappear right before your eyes. Zedd follows his mom around all day. He especially loves to follow mom until she goes into the exercise room to work out. Then he can relax and lay down watching her!

October 2017 Pet of the Month

Mack Plumadore

Mack loves attention and he will definitely let you know if he isn't getting enough. Mack loves howling at police sirens every time they drive by. You can say it’s a duet featuring sirens and Mack! Mack’s favorite place to sleep is with mom and dad on the bed or on the couch. He has 2 dog beds but would rather snuggle up! Mack loves going on walks. When he’s not on a walk, he’ll be at home destroying every dog toy he gets!

September 2017 Pet of the Month

Shorty Poulos

I think I’m 4 years old. I am a very good listener… If you can’t tell, I have very big ears! Everybody loves my speckled tummy. The ladies say I have a baby calf tummy ;). I have been taught good manners from my papa and Mom and my dog brother Pico appreciate that. However, I like to jump high when I hear my feed bowl getting filled. I love food! I have a quirky habit… When Mom is gone, I take a shoe and put it in my bed to lay on until she gets home. One time she was kinda late so I had 4 different shoes in my bed! I really missed her. When I want to go outside, I paw at the screen door to get Mom’s attention. I also paw after our walks so she hurries to let me inside. I love being cuddled but I also enjoy my own space once in a while!

July 2017 Pet of the Month

Sheba and Felix Plunkett

Sheba and Felix are both 2 years old and will be turning 3 in August. Sheba and Felix were introduced to each other when they were 8 months old. Sheba loves to play with straws and hair ties. Felix tends to be a bully sometimes but he is still very sweet. He loves to be vocal, play with toys and give lots of affection. Sheba is more sweet and mellow. With both of their personalities, they balance each other out and Mom and Dad love their snuggles.

June 2017 Petof the Month

Sugar and Spice Gerber

Sugar and Spice are adorable kittens who are almost l year old! They love to play music with their paws. They wake up everyone in the house by jumping on the keyboard, turning it on and stepping on the keys. Sugar and Spice LOVE pipe cleaners. When their human sister makes crafts with them, they love to lay down and rub their faces on them. Sometimes Mom will throw toys for Sugar and Spice to catch. They will both play fetch just like their dog sister, Daytona. After playtime the two kittens and Daytona the dog like to snuggle up together to sleep.

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